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Vintage and Charmed is a amazing Vintage Shop that recently moved to Ward 8. For those who are outside of D.C. I’m a Ward 8 Resident. A lot of folks don’t have faith in our Ward, we host the highest rates of unemployment, we don’t get the nice things and I can’t even begin to explain how much potential our area has. While it would be great to walk down the street and be able to get a coffee, or shop we are starting small. I live in an area called Anacostia and recently folks are coming around and understanding that we deserve nicer things as well. On my way home I finally got a parking space in front of Anacostia Arts Center. I went in for a coffee because they finally opened a new coffee shop and cafe.

I walked past a Mink stole and my eyes diverted to the store I had on my list of places to visit although I haven’t planned on spending any money. Of course I found myself in there trying on winter coats. I tried on a fun plaid number, a pink coat, and then I saw this. Cashmere and mink and in my size. I had to have it and I made it mine. I urge you get down to Vintage and Charmed if you’re ever in the area.

Vintage and Charmed

1231 Good Hope rd SE
Washington DC 20020

Vintage and Charmed DC

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Favorite Vintage Item?? Mine just might be this coat or the $40 fur I got at a garage sale.