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There are a few things I love and hate about blogging. I love creating content on this site, I love networking, I love the girls and guys that I’ve met through this hobby. Yet, sometimes blogging can feel a lot like high school. You have your cool kids, your laid back kids, the snoody ones. Well, DC seems to be full of all of them. I’d consider myself part of the laid back kids. Sometimes people with like minds find a way to each other and during this project I felt like all of the girls here were amazing, and fun. It actually changed some of my feelings about bloggers in DC as well.  All of my friends in DC that I’ve met through blogging are super chill and always down to enjoy the ride of wherever this takes us. Which leads me to a Shell B of ShellBCheri. She reached out to me to be a part of this project! I felt kinda special, I wont lie because I definitely was last to get picked for sports something Waves and I have in common. 

Shell B came to my house, another win; nobody likes coming to this part of town haha. Her goal was to pick one thing out of my closet that I haven’t worn on my blog yet. The timing was perfect because I just got these Pumas that were a fun collaboration with Solange Knowles. She’s one of my favorite style figures and I knew I had to have these shoes when the pictures started floating around. They are still in stock which is linked below.  I have so many ideas for these shoes this Spring and Summer. They are super comfortable and fun to look at. Shell B styled this entire outfit bonus was this belt too I’ve never worn it, but she made it desirable when she turned it around and put the buckle in the back. 



 Top – Marshalls | Jacket – Forever21+ | Skirt – Asos Curve | Belt – Gift from Mom (Super Old) 

Sneakers – Green/ Rainbow/ Rainforest | Clutch – Love Cortnie

Chell B Cheri


 Style By Shell B Cheri

This skirt is always here for me. I wear it so much, and it might be the best investment in my closet at the moment. I know I’ll get so much wear out of this one and my green on for the Spring. Also check me out, I’m not wearing my same old jacket! Hehe, caught this on sale for 10 bucks. 

Chell B Cheri


I had so much fun with this entire project and I’m so sad to see Shell B leaving for Nashville, but guess what that means! Road trip for me and a few DC bloggers when she gets settled in. I can admit I’m excited for all the food there! I’ve never been and I’m so excited to take myself there hopefully on a 3 day weekend soon.  Make sure you check out the other bloggers Shell B worked with on this project. 

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The Wonderful Shell B Cheri, please check her blog out here. Photos by Ashley and Julie 

Click Here for Behind the Scenes PhotosDSC_2529


The shoot was at Malmaison and they were kind enough to let Shell B use their space for photos. I was here for dinner when Birchbox came to DC check it out here. They have great desserts and french treats. Best of all Amazing Lattes, so good they don’t need anything, no cream, no sugar. I practically embarrassed myself at how fast I drank it up with a flaky croissant. We have brunch afterwards too. 




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I can’t wait to see what becomes of these pictures! Shell B has amazing plans and I wish her the best of luck in her new journey!