Jenna Lyons Demin Inspired Style

I’ve had this Gap Jacket for years. I had a perfectly broken in one. I let my mom borrow it and she spilled bleach all over it so this one was my replacement. In December I couldn’t button this and I still have a little ways to go but I think I’m doing pretty well. I’m looking forward to swimming in it and having to sell it to be honest. I’ve never seen myself as a smaller woman but lately I’ve been so motivated to keep up.

I have been a rather low key fan of Jenna Lyons. Sometimes I find myself obsessed with this look she did with a denim jacket as a shirt. To be honest she could pull it off better than I could. Then I saw her with this look and it was a little more doable. Now she still has a lot of “dressier” elements but my main focus was the denim jacket and layering it for a cool after in Old Town Alexandria. The laid back vibe of Old Town was perfect for layering denim. I had on a white tee underneath. I layered that with the Denim jacket, and then layered the jacket with my old rusty trusty target jacket. I liked the way it came out. I also tried this really cool hair style with an old Chanel Scarf to complete my look and hide my crazy hair.

Laying Denim Jackets - EatStylePlay-3326Jacket | Gap |Here

Jeans | Old Navy Rockstar| Found Here

Bag and Flats | Zara


Laying Denim Jackets - EatStylePlay-3325

Styling Chochets - EatStylePlay-3354

 I got these bracelets from all over. The Elephant Cuff from Eastern Market recently, the two Bangles part of a set of four that I got while thrifting in Atlanta, the last from an African Boutique here in DC.


Styling Chochets - EatStylePlay-3338

The hostess of the party that I went to did a post of layered jewelry. I can effectively say that I suck at it haha. Mine always get tangled. I am however excited to wear my wolf necklace from Wendy Brandes Jewelry! Follow her blog as well, she is always posting awesome pictures from the past! She had amazing style long before fashion blogging was a thing! Love her!