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I move in June and you will get sick of me talking about it. This is my second time moving and I’m so excited to leave the nest for good! I love my momma, but look baby has to spread those wings! I keep thinking of all the interior ideas I have. I know I’ll be limited because it’s a rental but I’ve been catching up on so many blogs and finding a lot of new ones to help me out. Like here on So Haute, she found amazing pieces inspired by Olivia Pope’s Apartment. This is an apartment that I envy, but not Olivia’s indecisive and messy situations. I’ve also gathered great inspiration from Elanie Griffin who is an interior designer as well, you can check out her portfolio here. I know for certain that I want gold accents all over with a focus on white, tans, and/or possibly gray. I decided that now is the time to do a bunch of the DIYs since I have access to a backyard for some of those projects like spray painting.  I did three yesterday so keep reading to see the results.

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First we have my initials. My real name being Michelle Lynnette I wanted my initials around the place somewhere. I’m thinking they would be great accents over the couch or on a bookshelf. All I did here was spray the letters with a white primer let it dry for one hour and then I spray painted the gold with two coatings. At first I taped off strips and it didn’t wow me this morning when I went to check on them outside. So I spray painted the white area and I like the entire letter gold.

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Next up, I was inspired by these gold dipped glasses. Looking at the price tag I thought “DIY”. Now these wont be used as drinking glass like the original and i very well might do my own glasses for drinking but these will be used as small flower vases maybe for my bathroom. I’m thinking a qtip holder as well, or cotton pad holder. What do you think?  I can admit that these could be neater. I ran out of painters tape so I had to use a Brown bag and tape. It was a bit messy but I used Goof Off to clean the edges up, and by the way Goof Off smells like death, so get painters tape!

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Gold DIYs EatStylePlay Blogger DIY Buddha-2968My last Goldification was to this Buddha statue that I snapped at Marshals for about 7 bucks! Feels like woo but it’s some other material. Either way. I didn’t need to take off a thing. I thought about doing his “hair” gold and priming his face white. Then I said to hell with that, and then I painted the entire thing. The next morning I had to fill in a lot of white areas and things. I love the final verdict, and I pray that I’m not offending anybody by spraying this gold. I’ve seen gold version and I think this looks really chic, but trust me I know the history of Buddhism and respect it.

EatStylePlay Gold DIYs Buddha Head-3023

So there it is, three beatified items for my new place!

February was a fun month in terms of my goals. It was to complete 5 DIY’s. I did complete a few that weren’t on the list. I took my Sewing class, and trust me I’m going back. I made my Vampire Sweatshirt which was a lot of fun! I also made the DIY faux backgrounds which I’ve used for the backgrounds in this post. See the 5 DIY post here. I even did my own DIY, which I later found out wasn’t so original but that’s okay.


 February was so exciting!