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Walking down the halls of Alice Deal Junior High it was certainly a runway for some. We were one of the last schools in DC that got to wear what we wanted. No uniforms for us, I didn’t mind it but I also didn’t feel like the wide halls of my school were my personal runway. I remember a picture surfacing of me in all black with white socks and black Mary janes. This was just as bad as you’re imagining right now. A girl had those same shoes and somehow looked cooler on her than on me. I wore a lot of matchy colors too, one day I came looking like a red pepper in an Ralph Lauren red plaid skirt that I treated like Chanel, red turtleneck, red tights, those same black Mary Janes. I was not here for any trends until one came along that sucked me in. 

That trend my friends was Warner Brothers. Everybody and their mother had these socks, tees, and jackets. I wanted the jacket more than anything, I think I talked my aunt into getting me this jacket one a trip to Atlantic City. I’m pretty sure I was on the brink of tears when I saw it in my size and had to have it. I walked into school with it and all was right. The trend died soon after because I was super late as usual during the time.  This jacket sat in my closet for years, I thought it would be fun to wear it since I got a Vintagey vibe from this Daisy Dress.  I’m so glad I didn’t sell it because I see myself wearing this a lot this spring.

EatStylePlay| Vintage WB Jacket


Dress | Forever21 | Found Here

Jacket | Warner Brother| Found Here

Shade | Vintage Frames Company | Found Here





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Forever21 Plus and Warner Brothers | EatStylePlay

What trends did  you partake in growing up?