Blo Blow Dry Bar


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I have to confess, I’ve never had my hair professionally blown out. I was invited to the new Blo Blow Dry Bar to give it a go. I was so nervous with having one of the kinkiest textures of hair out there, I didn’t think it would go well. I called twice solely to make sure there would be a stylist that knew how to work with my hair. I walked in and it was pretty amazing. I was greeted by Laurie who is a franchise partner. She was so nice and kind enough to show me around while I waited to be seen. I checked out the hair menu and decided on a sleek style. Once I got my hair shampooed with the yummiest smelling  Unite products, which I think I might buy on my own.  I sat in Patrice’s chair, she sectioned my hair, detangled and got to work. Well,  she got to work and the end result was straighten hair that wasn’t burned like my last attempt to blow dry my hair. She flat-ironed my hair and the end result was gorgeous. I’ve been converted and proven wrong. I’m not sure if today was the best day to get this because DC is humid hell. The sky threatened to rain on me all day and then I went to an event where my hair fell. Regardless, I love the end result, nothing a few hair rollers won’t fix tonight. 

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Excuse my Crazy Eyes


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Such a cool experience, and I’ll definitely be back. The service was quick which is the only way I’d come in a hair salon. My past experiences lasted much longer before I decided to wear my hair natural. I couldn’t see myself in the salon for hours like I did in the past. I can’t wait to see how my hair comes out the next day since my curls tend to fall the day I put them in. Blo also offers waxing services, manicures, and pedicures. The last thing I really love is that they are affordable. The one con is that they don’t cut. Which I assume keeps the prices low, you can always get a trim elsewhere but Blo is the place to go to get it it sleek and soft. I’m so obsessed with how soft my hair is. 

Blow Blow Dry Bar has two locations in the DC area, one in Dupont and one Gaithersburg. 

blo dupont

2126 P Street NW
Washington, DC 20037
202 293 2256

blo gaithersburg

317 Ellington Boulevard

Gaithersburg, MD 20878
301 216 0256

Grilled Corn with Sriracha butter


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I know it’s summer and tons of grilled corn recipes are all over the place and corn is being grilled probably at this very moment. I thought I would give it a try myself because I’d never pass the chance to eat corn. This recipe is super simple. You will need to light your grill though. I’m sure you could cheat and grill it on the stove. 

Corn with sriracha butter - EatStylePlay-8844You’ll want to make your butter ahead of time, to give it time to firm back up in the fridge. 

For the butter-

- 4 tablespoons butter (softened)

- 1 tablespoon honey

- 1 to 2 tablespoons sriracha (more if you like it spicy. 

- 1 teaspoon ginger

Directions – Whisk all the ingredients until well combined. Place in small bowl and cover with saran wrap. Place in the fridge to firm back up. 


For the Corn-

- 8 ears of corn

-1 tablespoon of salt

Directions- pull back husk of corn without pulling it completely off. Remove the silk between the corn. Pull husk back over corn and soak in a large tub, or your sink (after cleaning) and let the corn soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove the corn and shake the access water off. Place corn on a medium grill and cover for 20 -25 minutes, rotating the corn every 5-8 minutes. The corn kernels should be tender. Remove the husk. If you want grill marks on your corn place it back on the grill for a few minutes. Serve with the Sriracha butter. 

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Roasted Grapes



Roasted Grapes - EatStylePlay-9266




Roasted grapes…wait …hear me out. Lately I’ve been obsessed with cheese and pairing them with different things.  I always knew that grapes paired well with cheeses but I always had the idea of roasting them into a sauce or jam?. This wasn’t anything original as I begin to research. The recipe was so simple and perfect for those nights when you’re relaxing alone and watching Netflix. I mean doesn’t want to have an entire cheese plate to themselves on a Friday night?  What I really love is a recipe that doesn’t have exact measurements. You can’t mess this up to be honest. 

 This was my first encounter with roasted grapes. I had nothing to compare them to except what I’ve seen when researching. There are sweet versions of roasted grapes, and savory. In the end, this was an experiment for me. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give this recipe a 8. It’s different, tart, but pairs so well with my favorite cheeses. I think I’ll try them again with a roasted chicken that I saw. Making roasted grapes is about as easy as it gets, roasting temps of 400 and above for your stove, olive oil, a few springs of herbs and viola. There are a few things that this would go well with. Served on toasted slices of baguette with a smear of goat cheese, a fun addition to a wild rice pilaf, and as a part of a cheese platter when hosting a get together. 


Roasted Grapes - EatStylePlay-9257


Roasted Grapes - EatStylePlay-9279



1 lb of Red or Green Grapes.

Olive Oil for tossing

2 Sprigs of Lemon Thyme

1 shallot (optional) 


1. Preheat your oven to 500.

2. Cut grapes into small bunches. (You can separate them from the stem if you want)

3. Thinly slice shallots, and pull thyme from spring and mix. 

4. Dump shallots and thyme on grapes and toss in olive oil. 

5. Place the grapes in a roasting pan and roast until grapes they blister checking and stirring ever so often. 

6. Let the grapes cool and serve with cheese that pair well with Grapes. (Goat, Brie).

Roasted Grapes - EatStylePlay-9289

Roasted Grapes - EatStylePlay-9294

Roasted Grapes - EatStylePlay-9301


(smeared with Goat Cheese)

Roasted Grapes - EatStylePlay-9305



(Topped with Brie)

Would you try this?? 


DIY Citrus Body Scrub



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Summer is here and it’s time to polish that gorgeous skin of yours. As someone with eczema it’s really important that I know what’s in my products.  I love to exfoliate but I tend to stay away from store bought because of random chemicals. I decided to make my own, a salt based scrub in one of my favorite scents grapefruit. I ended up going really easy on the grapefruit essential oil and a little heavier on fresh lemon and orange zest. Using a salt instead of sugar ensured me that it would preserve the zest for a longer period of time. I made this almost a month ago and it’s still holding up pretty well. Check out the basic recipe below. Think of it as a guide though. I didn’t record measurements because my jar is small and honestly, I didn’t want to base if off this 4 oz jar. I hope you have fun using this  DIY Citrus Body Scrub because it sure my skin really soft and smooth and leaves a light scent. 

Simple DIY Citrus Body Scrub - EatStylePlay-8715


You’ll need the following-

A Clear Jar and Lid of your choice. 

External Use Sea Salt  (Purchase by clicking Here)

Almond Oil (Purchase by clicking Here)

Grapefruit or Citrus Essential Oil


Zest of Lemon and or Orange (Optional) 


What to do- 

1. Once you have your ingredients together you can start by filling your jar with salt. Leave 1/4 of space for your oils. You can fill it halfway depending on how much oil you want in your jar. I found that I would have preferred more oil in mine but it still works with more salt. 

2. Squeeze in almond oil until you see the salt gradually soak it in. I find that putting it in gradually helps.

3. Get your dropper and put in about 6 -15  drops of essential oils depending on how big your jar is and how strong of a scent you want. 

4. Zest your citrus and add it on top. Close the lid and gently shake the jar to mix. 



Simple DIY Citrus Body Scrub - EatStylePlay-8721

Simple DIY Citrus Body Scrub - EatStylePlay-8749








Blogger Grill-Off



Cookina Summer Blogger Grill Off - EatStylePlay-9069

I love grilling season and after seeing an episode of that seventies show where the dad had and issue with a woman grilling , I took up grilling. Simply because more girls should grill, it’s really easy and I love the taste. I had two awesome grills, and the past winter ruined them. I grabbed this a portable Weber Grill until I’m able to upgrade. I’ve been using it non-stop since I got it. 

I received a few toys to test out on the grill as a part of a  Blogger Grill Off. We were to use Cookina, which is a reusable grill accessory that replaces the use of foil. Cookina has a few products that are reusable alternatives to wax paper, and parchment. This product is also great for fat free grilling. You can cook things that sometimes are a pain to grill. Scallops, chicken and fish are so much easier. I learned this weekend that you can’t grill everything on it…like bacon. Um, note. don’t grill a bacon wrapped hot-dogs on these.  I had to start fresh, and grill a few pieces of curry chicken which came out great. I also received Colman’s Mustard which is a spicy mustard, it paired well with the Carolina BBQ Sauce that I use in this recipe for Bacon hotdogs. 

Comlmans Logo


Preheat your oven to 400.  Start out with Beef Sausages. I picked mine up at a Halal Caribbean Market in the city. Any hot-dog/sausage will work fine. I started by wrapping them in Bacon and securing them  with toothpicks that have been soaked in water for 10 minutes. Normally I would say throw these on the grill, but this was NOT a good idea bacon fat and hot coals equals fires and a burned ankle. Bake them instead on a lined baking sheet until the bacon is crisp flipping for an even crisp on the other side. Meanwhile, get your Carolina Mustard ready using this recipe and using Colman’s for a spicier taste. 

Cookina Grilled Recipes - EatStylePlay-9057


Once your dogs and mustard are finished, you can assemble, after removing the toothpicks. At this point it’s super easy and a layer of flavors. Steam a few buns place the dog inside, top with coleslaw. I cheated with a really basic style coleslaw that I got from the store. and drizzle with the carolina bbq sauce. 

Cookina Summer Blogger Grill Off - EatStylePlay

Can I toot my own horn for a bit? Um, these came out really well. The Mustard was tangy, spicy and delicious. The dog and the bacon gives it a nice crunch. 


My first attempt with Cookina  which is now available at Home Depot, wasn’t that great. My second attempt was awesome though. I grilled marinated curry Chicken. I can see that I’ll be doing other proteins like seafood with this. Grilled Lobster tails, shrimp kebabs, and scallops all sound like a great idea. I’m actually really excited to try some Tuna Steaks that I have too.  Cookina is really simple, you simply cut it to fit half of your grill without covering the entire grill. It can withstand heat up to 500 degrees. Once you’re done you can wash this, and reuse it later. Recipe is below.

Cookina Grilled Recipes - EatStylePlay-9073


Once I figured out the sheet I was happy with both products and I’m sure I’ll be getting some Coleman’s simply for Carolina Mustard. I’m obsessed with it at the moment. I never realized how much I love mustard until this weekend.

Cookina Grilled Recipes - EatStylePlay-9078




Grilled Curry Chicken 


I cup Plain Yogurt

1 teaspoon Garlic Powder

1 teaspoon Grated Ginger

A few pinches of Pepper

Salt to taste

2 tablespoons Spicy Curry Powder. 

4 Chicken Breast or 8 Chicken Tenderloins or 12 -15 wings chopped into wingettes


Whisk Ingredients in a bowl. Place chicken in a large Ziploc and pour curry mixture in, mixing inside the bag. Marinate for 3 to 4 hours or overnight. Grill until chicken is cooked through but do not overcook or you’ll get a dry breast. 




Want more recipes from the Yes You Can Cookoff? Look up the #YesYouCancookina hashtag on Twitter and Instagram! 

Do you Grill? What’s your favorite thing to enjoy on the grill?


Do you Ebate?



Photo by Jenn of

Who’s good at math? Don’t raise your hands all at once. I’ve never been good at math, only when it comes to sales. The computer that resides in my head (my brain) goes crazy when I see a sale. If it’s more than 40% off , I’m pretty sure I feel lightheaded from the shock. These days money can be super tight. I read an interesting article on how the dollar in DC doesn’t stretch like it used to. In a city of 1800 studio rentals, and $10 to $15 dollar food truck lunches things add up and they add up fast. 

Most of us in DC are still wondering how to make what you would think if a good salary stretch. Opening up about debt on this blog might have been the best thing. I have learned so much since that post, which still gets a good number of hits. I used to ball out when it came to shopping, I didn’t care about sales. I loved them but I was willing to pay full price for a lot of things only to see them go on sale literally a week later. I’m talking to you Asos. A big bulk of saving has come from using things like Ebates. I love them, they seem to have the best cash back rates around. I have to thank friends like Dee ( MissFoodieFab) for introducing me to ebates. 


I wanted to share three items you can save on today while using Ebates which you can sign up for right here. It’s pretty easy, throw in your email address and start shopping. I can’t imagine how much money I lost forgetting to use this site. 

Old Navy Eat Style Play


First up we have a Pair of Old Navy Rock Star Floral Print Jeans. Pair with a billowly tank, or cropped tee for an effortless look. They’re only $15.00 at the moment in combination with 2% cash back from Ebates. 


I feel in love with these simple and minimal Lucky Brand Sandals today. I actually ordered them for myself. Macys has 20% off with Code “SAVE” 6% off with Ebates, and they were already reduced from 79.00 down to 53.00. Better snap these up while you can since they have a wide range of sizes right now. 




I stumbled on this affordable Coach Pave Disc  ring. I love it because it looks like it would be great with stacks of other rings. It’ not on sale exactly, but you can get cash back through Ebates. Best of all, it comes in Rose Gold (Tears to my eyes). 


So you have 3 amazing items to shop when you take your lunch break today! What do you think? Will you be ordering anything? I’ve got my hands on those shoes! Don’t forget you can’t get the extra savings without sites like Ebates. Click the Icon below and thank me later. 

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back




**This post contains links that will yield me a small commission for sharing. None of the brands mentioned are sponsoring this post .** shoe




Tribal Groove


I have 9 reasons to head over to Tribal Groove,  a fun shop on Etsy. I discovered these shorts while surfing through my timeline on FB. I’m obsessed, putting a funand modern spin on wax price. African Prints are becoming mainstrain and I truly happy to see that happen. Tribal  Groove gets it right!. I cant wait to order a few pair, honestly I want them all! I hope the designer gets the idea to make some skirts , a cute peplum, or a wrap skirt? Let me stop giving away free ideas

Tribal Groove



You can Visit Tribal Groove Here.
You can also check out Stellahs Vintage Groove Here
 These shorts run XS to XL, and the shop owner can make custom pairs for larger woman. I have a few tops and tanks that  will pair well with these. What do you think? Which is your favorite color? 


Eva Mendes For NY&CO - EatStylePlay-8628


 Top and Pants | New York & Company, Shoes| Old Navy

My spring cleaning has me searching for clothes left and right. I’m learning more and more that I can get away with different sizes so when they handed me theseconfetti heart pants in an XL  I thought, there is NO way I can pull these off. I was wrong, they fit me well and I have room, I can even sit down in there (hehe). I love the fit. I paired them with these old navy shoes that I got for a great steal while on a random visit. The white crop top from Ny&Co.  Again, because honestly it looks good with everything. As I build my summer pieces trying on pieces that you think you can’t fit yields better results than assuming. Trust me! Are you still into the crop top trend? 



Eva Mendes For NY&CO - EatStylePlay-8609


The best post is always a post where i’m not smiling. 
Eva Mendes For NY&CO - EatStylePlay-8623




 You can earn cashback at NY&Co and Old Navy, sign up and start saving today. 

  Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

This post contains commissioned links.

Sweet Potato Crisps



Sweet Potato Chips - EatStylePlay-8681

Crisps? You mean chips? Crisps sound so cute and proper and sometimes my grandpa would refer to them as crisp as a kid. Don’t mind me. This recipe is super simple and  an easy addition to burger night or  have guest snack on something before the main course.  In order to get the sweet potato paper thin you need a mandolin like the one here. I wouldn’t suggest trying to cut these by hand. You want a nice easy consistency when you’re ready to fry them. You’ll also want to fry them in a thick  bottomed pot with a high heat oil. 

Sweet Potato Chips - EatStylePlay-8686

Sweet Potato Chips - EatStylePlay-8679

Sweet Potato Chips - EatStylePlay-8676


Recipe -

3 Medium to Large Sweet Potatoes

3 to 5 cups of High Heat Oil (I used Vegetable Oil)

I tbsp Salt

Herb Blend of your choice (optional)

Fry Basket – (Optional)


1. Clean and scrub potato thoroughly (peel them if you want).

2. Heat oil in thick bottomed dutch oven or similar pot. 

3. Slice sweet potato using the thinnest setting on the mandolin

4. Once the oil is hot, test one chip in the oil. You’ll know if it’s frying or not. Once you know place a few slices in so they don’t crowd the pot. You can use a fry basket if you have one to make it easy. Move the slices around so they cook evening.

5. Once the chips are golden and there isn’t a sign of them frying , remove the chips with a slotted spoon while gently shaking excess grease and place on a paper towl lined baking sheet and sprinkle with a pinch of salt. 

6. Fry the rest in small batches if using a pot and continue to season with salt or other seasonings while hot, if you have a deep fryer cook accordingly. 

7. Allow the chips to cool completely, and transfer to a bowl. 


Note- I have no idea how long these last since we ate them all during recipe testing. :)

Blue Lace


 SimplyBe Lace Pencil Skirt - EatStylePlay-8581


Skirt| Simply Be , Top| NY & Co. 

I’ve worn these target shoes pretty much  everyday since I got them on sale last week. They go with   everthing and since getting over my toe anxiety >_> I wear them out all the time. Life is too short not to wear fun shoes in this amazing weather. I’ve been craving this skirt for a few months. So of course I snapped it up during Simply Be’s skirt sale. I’m growing a strong love for Simply Be, that site pulls me in everyday to see what else they have.  I thought it would be cool to pair it with this cute crop top that I found during my visit to NY&Co. It’s thin enough for the spring although it’s a sweater.  I threw on the shades I got from Forever 21, cheap shades for the win. I can’t wait to wear it with other styles, I think it needs a good pair of heels right!? 



SimplyBe Lace Pencil Skirt - EatStylePlay-8585

SimplyBe Lace Pencil Skirt - EatStylePlay-8577