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Spring is finally showing herself and I’m still obsessed with these Mom Jeans from Asos. I found this cheapie “Celfie” shirt at Forever21. The jeans, they are so comfortable, especially for the food filled day I had yesterday. I will say this, it was fun to leave the house for one thing, do that and go around the city without a plan. Thanks for Morgan I went out to a couple of places and this outfit was just right for all that exploring.


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For a lot of folks, mom jeans aren’t flattering on a body like mine, but honestly. I don’t mind my belly showing in the manner. I’ve learned one thing these past years, I kick my own butt in the gym 3 times a week, and my midsection is what it is. I can either love it and still wear what I want while my body changes, or freak out about to hide it and be paranoid. I really hate looking back and missing out because I was being weird about my body. I didn’t wear my jacket for most of the day and I saw some staring but I was too busy inhaling tacos and margs to care. As long as I feel great wearing it no amount of staring matters.

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Can we talk about these shades from Hey Gorgeous, it’s a brand called Quay Australia these came from their collaboration with Shay Mitchell. I really love them and the detail. Check out their other designs below.




Hey Gorgeous

HeyGorgeous Collage 1


1 | 2 | 3

I love finding a new brand to share with anybody who will listen on this blog. I’ve been following and interacting with Hey Gorgeous for a few months.  Whoever runs their social media loves to interact with us who support them and drool over their new arrivals. I’ve actually fell in love with the brand, it’s a little on the high end side, but I’ve found really great items that are affordable and not available on other online stores. Buying online can be tricky, but in all honestly, a good knowledge  of materials, and a great knowledge of you own body goes a long way. Get to love it, and know what you love to put on it. I just purchased this top and wore it to the Vince Camuto Event I just hosted. I got a lot of compliments about it. To be honest the shirt wasn’t my style, but I thought, you know what let me give it a try. It’s cute, easy to throw on and super light for those HOT sweaty summers I have to look forward to as a DC resident.

Hey Gorgeous Collage 2

1 | 2 | 3


HeyGorgeous Collage 2


1 | 2 | 3


I found a few more items like the blue Kimono, and the Pineapple Romper that I shared above, they have really great shipping as well. When I ordered my shirt it came so fast, that I could have sworn I ordered it at night and it arrived so fast in maybe two days. Check me out in my shirt below, and follow me on Instagram if you aren’t already. I can’t wait for my two pieces to arrive, I have great plans for them over the summer. Any faves that i’ve shared? How would you style it?


Michsi XOXO



Rocking @heygorgeousny while I host at @vincecamuto at Pentagon City.

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Five Last Minute Easter Treats

I’m such a bad Christian. To be honest, i’m really spiritual with a belief in a higher power, but I forgot that Easter was this Sunday. I’ve been this way probably since I got kicked out of the Mormon Church for arguing religion with those cute missionaries. Word got out that “Michelle, is a rebel” and the next thing I know I’m agreeing to have my name striped from their records. Tis, all good though, I respect all religions at the end of the day. I’ve always grown up putting on my Sundays best, and hearing a good word and ending with lunch at church. My old paster would roast an entire pig break it down and we had so many treats to choose from. Cakes, Pies, Cookies…ALL of it. Now we don’t celebrate as much, but ff we’re lucky we’ll go to someones house for dinner. Now it’s all about a quiet light dinner, maybe desert and classic movies.

I’m still drawn in to the hundreds of creatives who make easter fun, those who bake cakes, make centerpieces, and create fun baskets for the kiddies. I wanted to share a few cool recipes that would be amazing if you’re attending any easter brunches or breakfast’s at a friend or families house. I’m not sure if the mimosa bar would fit in, maybe if you’re a little bit of a rebel it would be a great idea. Me, I’ll be roasting a nice plump chicken for my family, whipped potato/cauliflower, and asparagus. I plan on renting a few classics for us to watch. What are you plans for Easter? Anything fun planned? I hope you enjoy a few of these last minute easter recipes.









Sriracha Deviled Eggs with Garlic Toast Crumb Topping


Honorable Mention

Bunny Pancakes 

Egg Puzzle Cookies

Easter Egg Truffles

Cheese Filled Hot Buns

Caprese Florentine Quiche



Dopeciety  The Ravenous Creator Black Owned Clothing Stores Eat Style Play DC Blogger

 Vintage Coat | Vintage and Charmed – Queens Tee | Dopeciety (Here) – Watch- Vince Camuto (Here)

I used to love tees, and somewhere along the line they kinda got lost, and I never rebuilt my collection. I’ve starting to buy more tees here and there and I love them when they have fun sayings, but I also love getting a little serious and showing a bit of my pride on my chest so to speak. I usually lurk on my favorite brands sites like TeesInTheTrap and Dopeciety. Two brands that I made purchases with recently. I really try to support small women owned businesses especially when they are original and their tees are catchy and cute. I purchased this Queens Tee at Dopeciety and I’ve been obsessed since and plan on getting more tops.


H&M Tote Dopeciety Tee Old Navy Jeans Vintage Coats on Bloggers Vintage and Charmed Vince Camuto

I had a little fun and paired it with a pair of Vince Camuto sneakers that I picked up while hosting my second event as a blogger. My long time home slizzle  slice Dana asked me to come out and host their friends and family private party. It was really fun and I met a  lot of new faces, gave a bit of advice for the shoes that guest tried on, and met a few bloggers who came out to support. I think my effective speech classes are paying off too, because I always get nervous in front of a large group but I think I faired out well. A little more about my outfit, old Navy Jeans, H&M tote bag, Vintage and Charmed fur collar coat. I also tried a new cat eye if you can tell, i ran it across my eyelid and my crease as well.

H&M Bags Style Blogger Washington DC Black Bloggers


Vince Camuto Watches for Women


Vince Camuto




-Michsi XOXO

White House

1500 applicants, 30 chosen, your was one of them. I was so happy to find out that I would be part of the White House’s first Instameet. After waking up excited for the day I pushed out a great workout at the gym at 7:00 and then went home to prep. After finally choosing this white eyelet dress from the Gap and cute Rollie “Derby Oxfords” I was headed downtown on a weekend. So not like me as a DC native, tourist zone for sure. I headed over and the group got bigger and bigger. I met Sarah and Chasity who live in DC, RJ from LA who actually will be in San Diego with me for Comic Con, I met some amazing folks from Dallas and Austin and even a guy who drive in through the crazy storm from New Hampshire. It was so nice meeting all of these folks, we were about to experience something totally awesome a rare experience to talk with the Offical White House Photographer Pete Souza, and a private tour of areas that are otherwise cut off to the public. I seriously have to thank Dee Dee who ironically is in Atlanta for linking me up to this and urging me to apply.

I loved every inch of that house, we got to hear fun facts about the paintings, and artwork. Pete Souza was nice enough to let us bother him with questions. He was super humble and gave us tips on taking photos with our phones as well. Before we knew it he had taken the entire tour with us. The entire experience was great and fun. I’ve lived here my entire life and I’ve never been inside. I used to come to the Easter Egg Rolls when I was wee baby but nothing that I remembered long term, and I lost all the eggs I collected too. Anyway it was an amazing experience.



I might have looked out every window in the white house yesterday. #WHInstaMeet #repost from | @zabelita

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#WHInstaMeet Tour White House crossed off my buck list.

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Instagrammers in the Blue Room during the #WHInstaMeet #wwim11

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EatStylePlay Mom Jeans




When I saw these “mom” jeans in Asos I knew I had to have them. They were high on the waist so no tugging on them, and best of all I ordered and 16 and had to return them for a 14. I’m kind of excited about that. These are going to be staple for me in the summer, I’m moving away from skinny jeans and in to the relaxed, boyfriend style. I also want to get my hands on really good flares. I can’t believe they are making a come back. I wore them with a plain tee, and a fun jacket that I hijacked from Made Me Pretty’s Closet. I also found a great pair of Altuzarra dupes via Sarah’s Blog, they are from Kohls, but I have to admit I typically like to treat myself to a shoe but i walk a whole through flats in one season, seemed pointless to spend 600 bucks on flats, when I could pay 40 ish.



EatStylePlay DC Blogger

EatStylePlay PLus Size Fashion Bloggers DC


Christy Lace-Up Dupes

Also, obsessed with my Braided Bob, I love wearing this cute bun up top to keep the hair out of my way sometimes, it’s proven to be cute and functional. I also wore it without the coat and I think a plain white tee gives it a classic look. I paired it with my fur that I scored for 40 bucks as a random garage sale. Check out the image on my Instagram.


Hey Girl Hey

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No excuses

I planned on posting some style photos, I got really cool items in the mail. Trust me a ton of snow days and you kinda of wander around online and spend. I have no regrets. I made another video that features my favorite sports bras, new yoga toys, and a few books I’m getting into. Check it out it’s a bit lengthy, thanks for checking it out! XO!

– Michelle

I’m Giving Up

This blog is sort of like a personal (public) journal of sorts. I’ve talked about my hypertension/diabetes on here before. I hope to talk about it a little more by making delicious foods that go hand and hand with a healthier lifestyle. I made my first youtube video as a intro that touches on the “concern” people have with plus size or body positive bloggers, and what I’m giving up in order to live a healthier life. Check it out, and see Vittles pop all up in the conversation. It’s a bit long, but you know what. #whocaresIdowhatIwant

Seafood Gumbo

Gumbo DC Food Bloggers


Gumbo is heaven in a bowl to me. There have been a few dishes that I scrutinize heavily. Seafood gumbo is one of them. “it’s just soup girl” most would say.  Yet, gumbo is one of those things that my grandmother made  and for me it was always special. I remember spending my summers in South Carolina and Florida with her. We’d hop on the Amtrak and drive to a place called Yemmasee, the middle of nowhere. Then we’d hop on down to Jacksonville Florida. Florida was a heavenly hell, I loved being near the beach, the water, sun kissed skin, but I didn’t  get on too well with some of my cousins and gravitated towards “get the hell out of my face” mode yes, even at nine years old.

My grandmother took me with her to what we here in DC call the Wharf, the same in Florida I guess. She picked up all  like all the seafood there. Crab, Scallops, Shrimp….everything. Then she headed to the store and picked up corn, chicken, sausage, and a huge bag of rice. I sat in the back of the car eyes wide. “Seafood GUMBO….oh god yes”. She got to work, and two hours later I was fighting to be first in line for the biggest pot of Gumbo I ever saw her cook. It was literally the best thing I’ve ever had, even in the dead of July “ass” summer. Needless to say, I really don’t try other peoples seafood gumbo, sometimes the combos are off, or the seasoning is lacking. I have yet to taste anything like that day in Florida. Before grams passed away she neatly put her wedding album, Sorority pledge book and two recipes in plain sight for me. She left me a note and told me that these were now mine. (Who’s chopping onions?)….the first recipe for Gumbo, a basic recipe that I knew to add things to and one for carrot cake…one that my aunt makes to death.

Seafood Gumbo

When I think of my grandmother I think of nothing but good memories. Her joking around with me, forcing me to watch game shows and the redskins. Most of all I remember her taking her time to show me how she cooked. I’ve been craving gumbo all week, to the point that I had a hilarious dream were she told me to “make the damn gumbo”. Foolishly I went out to the grocery store right before this snow hit.  …I stress the word FOOL. of course the store was packed, and I forgot sausage but I made this work. I hit you with a classic Barbara (grandma) move and threw crab clusters in there. I caught the clusters on sale for 3 bucks, and plump shrimp. I guess this was all white meat gumbo, which was okay by me. It came out well, if a could have done anything i would have used mini ears of corn instead of loose corn and of course andouille.  If you’re wondering about these Soup/Pasta bowls I got them from here. They are gorgeous for hosting.


Here is the Recipe.

||Seafood Gumbo||

Ingredients –

3T butter

3T Flour

1 onion Chopped

1 Green Pepper

1 Orange Pepper

2 Ts Oregano

1 1/2 Ts Salt

1/2 Ts Black Pepper

3 Bay Leaves

1 3/4 Ts of Thyme

1/4 Ts Red Pepper Flakes

2 cups Frozen Chopped Okra

1 cup (2 stalks of Chopped Celery)

2 cups Tomato Puree

1 Quart Chicken Stock or Broth

I large chicken breast (Tenderized and cut into small chunks.

4 Half Crab Clusters

1/2 pound of Shrimp

4 Ears of Mini Corn, or 1 cup of Frozen Loose Corn



1. In a Large Dutch over or heavy bottomed pot heat the butter over medium heat. Add flour and whisk until the mixture is bubbly and starts to turn brown. This takes about 5 minutes.

2. Reduce heat and add onion, bell peppers, celery, and stir constantly until it’s coated with the mixture and softens.

3. After about 7 – 9 minutes, add okra,  seasonings from Oregano down to Red Pepper Flakes, and tomatoes. Stir throughly and cover. Cook until tomatoes start to bubble 5-8 minutes.

4. Meanwhile heat a non-stick skillet an oil with olive oil, cook chicken over medium heat until it’s slightly pink, we’ll cook it through in the gumbo.

5. Pour in the Broth, and crab cluster, and corn cobs,  bring to a boil and then reduce heat, add chicken and simmer for 15 minutes. Add Shrimp and cook for 5- 8 minutes. If you’re using loose corn add it in with Shrimp.


Seafood Gumbo Eat Style Play


This was so delicious, it was seasoned well, and again, we love a messy soup over crusty bread around the dining room table. Use a good crusty loaf to soak up the broth in this Seafood Gumbo. If you make this get creative, throw in your favorite sausage, throw in chicken drummers, or bay scallops. Trust me there is NO wrong way to make this. I think as long as you keep the seasonings balanced you’re a – okay.


– Michshi

Victoria Who?

I was listening to Sarah, Ty and Mel on my way to work yesterday. They were talking about a petition that’s been started to get Victoria’s Secret to add plus size bras and lingerie to their collections. I haven’t been able to shop in Victoria’s Secret since Jr. High when I spilled out of my 40DD bra. Fast forward to now, I’m a 38HH, and last year I found out that my only option wasn’t Ashley Stewart, or Lane Bryant. No shade to them because I did collaborate with Lane Bryant last year around this time. After a visit to Le Bustiere Boutique in DC I found out my real bra size, and I found a bunch of brands that now cater to plus size women, and fuller bust women. Victorias Secret doesn’t want our business, and they act like they haven’t heard out complaints over the past few years, actually decades. I’ve heard tons of stories about being sent to Lane Bryant by VS employees, or being embarrassed because one has naturally large breast and still not being able to find anything there.

Personally I will not be signing the petition, and here’s why. I’m going to list a bunch five other  brands that cater to our needs. A quick trip to you local mall for a bra fittingwill help aid you in the search for sexier, supportive, bras from brands that sell online, and sell to smaller b0utiques. I urge you to shop small and find the smaller boutiques in your community for great customer service, and a better selection of sizes. If you’re not sure about purchasing online find the Stockist online. I’ve always made it my business to buy from a small boutique and maybe mix it up and buy online since I know my size.


1. Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate sells bras at bunch of online stores like Amazon,  Her Room, and Fig Leaves. I think they have a great price point, and I love that the material is thinner, it’s supportive don’t worry. I have three pieces from this collection, and I love them all. I also love that they have a range of colors, because it’s insanely had to find bright colored bras. Curvy Kate Caters to women up to a K cup. (Umm coffee)

Curvy Kate Collage


2. Freya Lingerie I haven’t gotten my hands on Freya Lingerie. They got up to a K Cup as well and 40 for the bandsizes. Now this company might not cater to “plus size women” but it caters to some women on the plus size spectum, it also caters to women who might be smaller but have much larger breast. I love that they make gorgeous swimwear as well that looks really supportive. I would also recommend that you get a great bra fitting in general because you would be shocked. When I was fitted at Lane Bryant I was put in a 44, now I’m fitting in a 38 and trust me it makes a hell of a difference. You can find all the strores that sell Freya here. Freya Collage


  3. Elomi Lingerie Elomi states flat out that they were created to cater to the curvier woman. They have gorgeous set and some got up to 4x. I’ve never purchased a bra using that sizing format, but for those who have check out their size guide before purchasing. The list of stores they sell to online is listed here.   Elomi Collage